Friday, January 20, 2012

Kellybillies @ Port Arthur

Today's blog comes from the perspective of the rest of the family for a change. This is what they had to say about Port Arthur:

"I liked the yucky food (the convicts had to eat) & I really did like the kids cages & I wanna go in to see the adult jails too. I liked the boat and the ride the man gave us"
- Charli (5 yrs 11 months)

"I like...umm...doors toys..umm...I like boat."
- Ash (2 yrs 11 months)

"It was bigger than I thought & it was quite an impressive set up. I quite liked the boat ride & looking back to see the islands."
- Trent (37 years)

Ashlees Peg Doll she Made
Port Arthur Ruins
Mossy fence

Buggy Ride Back to the Exit yay

Camp Site at Nubeena RSL was home for a few nights

Mum picked the Blackberries but guess who ate them all?

Kellybillies camping tip:  FREEBIES!! If you find fruit trees or bushes around your camp site ask if you can pick it - there is heaps of free fruit around that would normally go to waste.  (But check first, if in doubt don't eat it if unsure about what it is).  Also keep an eye out for swap tables usually located in laundries at camp grounds,  this is a great way to get rid of unwanted items that are still useable and get some new ones (usually loads of magazines, books etc).  Happy camping!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Friends in Hobart

Finally we got out on the town as tourists today in Hobart.   We were all a bit jaded after the windiest night we have had in the camper in 7 months last night (this time Trent was not to blame).  It is nice to have some friends staying in the camp ground here.

Annie is a lovely person we first met in Calliope 6 months ago when the wheel fell off our camper & we dragged it back on one side.  Talk about making an entrance! (Her travel blog can be found here.)  Annie has been on the road for 7 years full time and really knows her stuff when it comes to camping around Australia.  We are both into our computers and photography, so it goes without saying we have been friends ever since we met.  It was great having Annie come with us to Hobart city today, apart from being great company she is also a pretty good tour guide for us newbies who have never been to Tassie before!

John and Leone we first met not all that long ago at Swimcart beach.  They are a great outgoing couple and we hit it off immediately.  We had the best Christmas eve with them sitting around the fire and it's nice to have them here at the camp grounds as well.  Trent gets along very well with John too which is great as he feels a tad outnumbered having 3 females & one male in the family.

One of the best parts about travel is the people you meet.  Most people have the time to talk and have a chat and you never get lonely.  Everyone has a story.  You just have to listen and be open to meeting people.  I have met some of the most down to earth people since hitting the road and I am so grateful because without them our travels would be bland.

Tassie Humour in Hobart

Kellybillies camping tip:   Think about things that have more than one use and are smaller/lighter, even if they are a bit more expensive.  Remember anything you bring you will have to tow/lug around with you the whole trip.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How much can you tow with a Kia Rio?

Our little family of four have been on the road for 7 months now! We have been to many places in oz & now find ourselves exploring Tasmania over the summer.

Our 1987 cub camper has served us well, most people expect us to have something bigger & better but we needed something we could tow with the Kia rio & even then we're pushing our luck a bit. You can see from the pics below why we are referred to as the "Kellybillies"

St Lawrence, Qld

Calliope, Qld

Boynedale Bush camp, Qld

Kellybillies camping tip: "Keep a metal bucket or billy full of water right next to your fire & you'll always have hot water when you need it."